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The Origins of United Against Poverty

United Against Poverty was originally incorporated under the name Kingdom Harvest in July of 2003 for the purpose of distributing surplus food to the community and abroad. Food centers were opened in South Vero, Fort Pierce and North Vero and known as “Harvest Food and Outreach Center”.

When Harvest Food and Outreach took over the Orlando operations in 2009 consideration was immediately given to a new name because another successful non-profit in the community was already using the word “Harvest” in their brand at a local and national level. The decision to name the newly formed campus “Community” Food and Outreach was a good short-term decision. However, as our organization has grown with the help of our partners, the reality of opening new locations is becoming more likely, there is increased consideration for consistent branding across our locations now and in the future.

Moreover, we saw the need to clearly convey that Harvest/Community Food Outreach is not a food bank and that we provide support services beyond a “Food and Outreach Center”. The committee members began to focus on the fact that we are about lifting lives and fighting poverty. In actuality we are an anti-poverty agency. With that, the committee set about the development of a name and logo that clearly identifies who we are and what we do: “United Against Poverty”. This re-branding provides us the differentiation and corporate recognition needed to help us reach the next level throughout the Nation to help many more Communities across the Country out of the “Cycle of Poverty”.

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