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United Against Poverty Logistics

When donation pickups are needed for reclaim/product, we understand that space is valuable and the footprint needs to be relieved. Therefore, timeliness is of the utmost importance. We can pick up anywhere in the U.S. within 24-48 hours. Within the State of FL within 24 hrs. Due to our grocery model which provides variety of nutritious product for families including health and beauty aids as well as household needs, we take just about anything consumable or reusable. We have an amazing logistics team with a great reputation and high recommendations. Our fleet of trucks and professional drivers can take care of any type of product with a seamless process and quick turnaround time.
  • 2 Semi-Trailer Dry
  • 5 Refrigerated/Frozen Semi-Trailers*
  • 4 Semi-Cab*
  • 6 Large Box Trucks – 5 Refrigerated/Frozen and 1 Dry*
  • 2 Small Thrift Box Trucks*
Our 38,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center Warehouse has four loading docks, 1000 sq. ft. freezer space and 4030 sq. ft. of cooler space. Most of the goods we receive in any given day hits our centers within 24hrs (36hrs at the latest). We follow USDA State and Federal Safety guidelines and management of the Warehouse and Member Share Grocery Programs are safety certified. *Additional drivers and trucks available upon request/if/when needed.

Receiving donations throughout the Midwest, East and Southeast U.S. Regions…

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