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Benefits of Donating Product

It is a priority for corporations like yours to optimize unsaleable product. With our unique model and professional transportation capabilities we can assist you in your logistics solution. Moreover, it helps in serving the people in need in the communities in which we live with the basic needs of nutrition, household products and health and beauty aids as they work to lift themselves and their families UP! OUT! of the cycle of poverty!

Benefits of Donating Surplus/Unsaleable Product

  • Reduced handling risk – because we are not a food bank, donated product goes directly into the hands of families in need, and we take care of the sorting, including mixed pallets.
  • Regulated and routinely inspected by both the US Department of Agriculture and the local health department in each of the communities we serve.
  • Donation receipt within 2 business days for tax credits.
  • Liability protection – donors are protected by State and Federal legislation.
  • Lower waste removal and storage costs.
  • Expense reductions in labor and transportation costs.
  • Free up needed storage space – pickups of all sizes with our transportation fleet from box trucks to semi’s; dry, refrigerated and freezer capabilities; scheduled within 24 hours to meet your need for storage space.

Types of Product Donations Accepted

Produce | Meat | Dairy | Canned Goods | Personal Hygiene Items | Cleaning Supplies | Paper Goods | Prepared Foods | Delicatessen & Bakery Items | Discontinued | Slow Moving | Product Samples | Damaged | Mis-Rotated | Package Changes | Close Dated | Obsolete Promotional Items | Reformulations | Customer Turndowns | End-of-Season Items |

Product Donation Process

  1. Contact the United Against Poverty Corporate Relations Department: | 844.277.1249
  2. Let us know quantity and timeline of donation pickup.
  3. We have quick response time and prioritize truckloads. (in state within 24 hrs and out of state 24-48 hrs)
  4. You will receive a receipt at the time of donation pickup.

TO DONATE PRODUCT CALL: (844) 277-1249


To Donate Product

  (844) 277-1249   Email Us!